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Chopping Board with Mezzaluna Round Slab End Grain Butcher Blocks with Feet Super Slab Square End Grain Chopping Blocks with Finger Slots
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  • Shop with confidence, knowing that butcher blocks are our passion at ButcherBlocksPlus.com. We have everything you need to start the perfect cut right away. We're your source for plain, and branded, cutting boards, pastry boards, end grain butcher blocks and more. When it comes to butcher blocks, you've discovered the professional choice: ButcherBlocksPlus.com. Take a look at our fantastic selection now!

Basic care for quality butcher blocks and cutting boards
1) Keep the board clean. Wash the surface with a quality dish detergent, rinse well & dry all surfaces immediately. Do not leave it soaking in the sink or put your cutting boards, or butcher blocks, in the dishwasher.
2) Keep the board well oiled with drug store Mineral Oil, or other "made specially for butcher blocks" oil. Mineral Oil is clear, odorless, tasteless and is FDA approved for food contact. Do not use vegetable, fruit, or animal-fat based oils, as they may get rancid with time. Remember, YOUR BOARD LOVES TO BE OILED!

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